Welcome to Redemptions Central for ScottishLaird

Since mid-2012, Dunans Castle Limited as ScottishLaird.com has run several voucher promotions. This has been a markedly successful venture, and has accelerated the renovation of Dunans Castle, the Bridge and its grounds – something we are delighted with!

  • If you wish to redeem vouchers, please click on the country name below.
  • If you wish to contact us regarding a new promotion for your company, please contact Charles.

So far we have redeemed vouchers purchased in:

We also had many great promotions in other territories which we are always interested in returning to:

  • Australia & New Zealand – 2013-17
  • Denmark – 2012-15
  • Norway – 2012-15
  • Sweden – 2012-15

To purchase directly from us, please visit ScottishLaird.co.uk